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Video Poker

Video poker games are based on the game of 5 card draw and can be found throughout the world in casino and bars, and on the internet at all online casinos. Their popularity is due to their ease of use and generosity, though video poker can be challenging in the multi-hand games.

Video Poker - Fruit Machine Casino

To play video poker, players must enter a stake to get their initial 5 cards. This can range from pence up to £50 (or more) in some casinos.  The player must then judge the strength of their poker hand and hold his or hers key cards. The remainder of the un-held cards are replaced with the same number from the digital deck. This should strengthen your hand and, hopefully, produce a winning combination.

It is important to remember that players do not compete against a dealer or other players in video poker, unlike other casino games or online poker. The player must simply create a winning hand to be rewarded. Rewards are proportional to the rarity of the hand (from a pair to a Royal Flush), but, be carefully, the lowest payouts are specific to each variant of video poker. Therefore it’s important to read the pay table before playing, otherwise the pair of jacks you were aiming for may not payout as you expected.

Many video poker games include features to help players win, though the payouts and jackpots may be less in such games.  Look for wild symbols in each game (again, read the paytable!). These help you complete winning combinations by substituting themselves for any missing card, making you win more and more often. Typically, the wild cards in video poker are Aces or deuces (2’s) and can lead to huge jackpot payouts from the normally impossible ‘Five of a Kind’.

You can get a taste of video poker courtesy of the internet casino, Dash, by clicking on the link below:

Free Video Poker Games – from Dash Casino.

Some video poker games allow you to ‘double up’, i.e. take any winnings and gamble them. This normally involves a side game where the player is invited to pick a card from the 5 available. To win and double the players winning the player must pick a card that is higher than the one already displayed. This is a great away of building up small winnings, and for those who like a dose of extra excitement! However, it should be used responsibly as winnings that can easily be doubled can equally be lost.

Video Poker can be played at nearly any online casino but make sure you play at one that offers you the best video poker bonuses. You can play video poker at 32Red and Dash Casino and can get more video poker information at the 32Red website.