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Online slots literally cover every available space on the floors at offline casinos, making them alive with sounds of bells, whistles and cascading coins. The same is true for online slot machines at the Internet’s online casinos. Some of the better ones can really recreate that big casino atmosphere too but, more importantly, they offer similar massive payouts! One slot machine, Mega Moolah, has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of over £1,000,000! One spin, one million pounds...

Before diving for the pull handle (or virtual pull hand for online slots!), it’s important to know how some of the big coin-winning features work – you don’t want to miss your big chance!

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Okay, so the basics in a nutshell... The player starts by selecting a stake to start the reels (a reel is a strip on the machine containing symbols that spin). From left to right the reels will stop rotating to display the symbols to the player. Matching symbols lying next to each other after they have stopped will normally be rewarded, but the depends on the number of paylines (a metaphysical line that the slot uses to join matching symbols together. Some have one payline that runs through the centre of the reels and others have up to 100 (like the Cashapillar slot)) and the type of symbol.

Online slots come in many different forms, with the player able to chose from 3 and 5 reel machines and the number of paylines. Additionally, nearly all slot machines come with a theme (though some can be very generic, with standard symbols and sounds) and a range of bonus features.

Typical bonus features are triggered by the alignment of certain symbols, or their appearance anywhere on the reels (known as a scatter symbol/feature). This can launch anything from free spins (which sometimes include multiplier bonuses and will boost any wins during the free spins by the appropriate amount) to a bonus game. The overriding theme of bonus features: payout and more payouts!

Some slots are connected to huge jackpots that are triggered by the lining up of certain symbols. Such games are known as progressive jackpot and accumulate by depositing a tiny fraction of each bet into a central pot. Recently a player won a staggering $5,500,000 on Mega Moolah on a $0.50 bet!

You can try some free online slot games courtesy of the online casino, 32Red, below:

Free Tomb Raider slot game – 32Red Casino.

Play at 32Red Online Casino or get more information about online slots at their website. There they list the best online slots and will even provide tips on how to play slots. Alternatively try Dash Casino – the home of instant games and rewards.


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