Online Fruit Machine Cheats, Hints and Tips!

Fruit Machine Hints and Tips

Fruit Machine Casino provides all the fruit machine hints and tips you’ll need to help you get the most out of online fruit machines. Don’t expect to simply spin your way to a fortune as with online slots, fruit machine games can be more rewarding (and entertaining!) with the application of some simple fruit machine tips. For example:

Tip Number 1. It is NOT a case of just spinning the reels. Remember that the jackpot as well as other big multiplier payouts can be connected to an array of features.

Tip Number 2. Don’t forget nudges and holds. These can be awarded randomly or attained on trail features. Use them wisely to either land the big symbols on the reels or trigger the trail bonuses.

Tip Number 3. Don’t always feel the need to hold or nudge when wins are unlikely or unattractive. In most fruit machine games these can be banked for the next spin where the jackpot could be waiting a nudge a way!

Tip Number 4. Go for the trail. You may want to consider sacrificing low payout combinations on the reels to nudge the symbols along to trigger the trail.

Tip Number 5. Learn each fruit machine games’ symbols. Sounds like common sense but a lot of people don’t and they can misuse their holds and nudges going for lesser symbols.

Tip Number 6. Change the coin size and therefore the amount of each spin to suit your budget. This will stretch your credit further and mean more fruit machine fun. Unfortunately, it will equally mean wins won’t be as potent.

Tip Number 5. As with any casino game and the golden rule of gambling: always bet within your means. Do NOT chase losses – these games are entertainment and assign yourself a budget you can afford to lose.

Stick to these simple fruit machine hints and tips and you’ll enjoy a more rewarding, long lasting and entertaining fruit machine experience at the online casino of your choice. Learn more about online casinos.