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Slot Machine Etiquette:  Be good, be kind, and please do not steal my slot machine…

We're often asked about whether there is an unwritten code of ethics to playing fruit machines offline. Personally I believed if no one is playing then it's all fair game, but apparently there is! A good friend of mine kindly volunteered to write a little something about it. It's more slot machine focused but I assume the same is true. If not, then you know how to play the slots in Vegas next time without fear of being lynched.Enjoy!

Even though slot machines boast a laid-back approach to gambling, and the casinos give its players lots of leeway when it comes to playing with them, casino players should heed to some very basic rules of etiquette.  Many times, players become oblivious to the fact that they are not alone on the casino floor.   These rules are not difficult to follow, and ensure a safe and fun atmosphere that people from all walks of life may enjoy the slot machines.

Player Cards

If you find a player card at the slot you want to play, do not use it.  It can screw up that person’s winnings and comps. You can’t access what you win that person without an ID anyway.  Simply place the card on top of the slot, because chances are, that person will come back for it. If you still worry about it, give it to an attendant, and she will make sure the card gets back to its rightful owner.  If you lost your key, just think where you would go first and place it there.

Multiple Machines

Many slot aficionados think playing more than one slot at the same time increases your chances of winning.  Sometimes you may see one person running around a bank of slots playing all eight at the same time.  Since each spin of the wheels is a random event, playing multiple slots has the same result as playing one machine twice as fast, but does not increase your chances of winning.  It does not have any control or affect on the Random Number Generators in each machine. 

Playing multiple slots may be acceptable when the casino floor is empty, if you notice someone waiting for a slot machine, you should give up some of them to the bystanders.  They want to play as well.  Some casinos go far enough to ask that you keep to one machine only during busy times. Also, if your companion or spouse is sitting, talking to you while you play, don’t become angry when someone asks to play the slot machine at which your partner is sitting.

“Stealing” Slots

Even though players who sit down at your machine after you legally won their winnings and not yours, some true believers of this myth tend to follow around casino-goers and try to “steal” their jackpot.  While this really has no bearing on wins or losses, it tends to make the person you are stalking nervous.  Please refrain from following the same person from slot to slot.

Eating Drinking and Smoking

In most casinos, they allow you to eat, drink and smoke at the slot machines so you will stay at the slots as long as your pocket will allow.  If you do eat at the slot, please do not leave a mess for the attendants to clean up.  A cup or napkin on top of your slot machine might be acceptable, but a floor of peanut shells is a little much to handle.  If you can, clean up your own messes.

If you do smoke, be aware that others in your area may not like smoke.  Be subtle about it and do not blow your smoke in the direction of others.  Please use an ashtray and be kind to your fellow gamblers who ask you to slow the chain-smoking down.  Also, please do not smoke in marked “NO SMOKING” sections.

Place Holders

Every once in awhile, you will come across an empty chair with a coin cup on it, or someone’s jacket, or something like that.  Take this as a sign.  That specific slot is probably taken by another player.  Maybe he/she went to order a drink, or go to the restroom, or to go get more coins for play.  Whatever the excuse, please do not move their things to take their slot machine.  Casinos have so many slot machines, you can surely find another without disturbing another’s private belongings.  If he/she left her coins there, it is only polite to leave their coins alone… you are not desperate enough to resort to robbery…
 If you have to leave your slot, and are worried that someone will steal your slot machine, you can ask an attendant to stand by your machine and watch it while you go and do what you need to do.  If you do ask an attendant, it is customary to tip him for his troubles.


Tipping on the casino floor is not necessary but in some casinos, especially American ones, it is expected.  Tip your waitresses as if you were in a restaurant, tip the man that watched your slot when you went to the bathroom, and if you won a jackpot big enough to require an attendant to bring you your winnings.   Tip your attendant about 1- 5% of the jackpot (depending on the size of the jackpot and the service and promptness.

The biggest rule though is to have fun and be relaxed.  If you are not relaxed, you need to get off of the slots because you are not doing yourself or anyone else a favor by being a cranky gambler.  Generally, it’s “Do unto others” on the casino floor.

Have a safe, polite, and most importantly a fun time at the slots.

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